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Savannah James Weight Loss
Savannah James Weight Loss
Savannah James Weight Loss


Welcome back to our “Start Today” series, where we bring you inspiring weight loss success stories. Today, we have the incredible journey of Dr. Emi Hosoda, who battled with weight gain for years before finally finding a holistic approach that led to her losing a remarkable 100 pounds. Dr. Emi’s story is relatable to many women who struggle with excess weight, especially during the years leading up to menopause. Let’s dive into her transformative journey and discover the lessons we can take away from it.

Understanding the Root Cause

In her 30s, Dr. Emi experienced weight gain after having children and facing the challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum. Despite her efforts to lose weight through diet and exercise, the pounds seemed to yo-yo. But everything changed when she discovered the root cause of her weight gain. Through a holistic health plan, she addressed unresolved issues such as hidden thyroid problems, genetic and hormonal imbalances, leptin and insulin irregularities, and poor intestinal health.

Repairing from Within

As a doctor, Dr. Emi understood the importance of fixing the underlying medical conditions that contribute to weight gain. She embarked on a journey to repair her intestinal health, testing for food sensitivities and allergies, and eliminating inflammatory triggers from her diet. Additionally, she took supplements and invented one specifically designed to normalize her leptin and insulin levels. But Dr. Emi’s transformation wasn’t just physical; she also had to shift her mindset and see herself as a fit and healthy person who exercises daily.

Advocating for Yourself

One valuable lesson Dr. Emi learned along the way is the importance of advocating for oneself. Many women find themselves exercising and eating healthy but still struggling to lose weight. She encourages individuals to dig deeper and seek out what might be preventing them from achieving their desired body composition. While some may argue that simply eating less and exercising more is the solution, Dr. Emi reminds us that everyone’s journey is unique and requires a holistic approach.

Sugar and Hormonal Balance

Dr. Emi emphasizes the impact of sugar on hormonal balance and intestinal health. Sugar can often hide in plain sight within many foods, wreaking havoc on our bodies. The low-fat diet craze of the ’70s inadvertently increased sugar consumption, leading to imbalances and weight gain. In her TikTok and Instagram videos, she educates viewers about the different types of magnesium supplements that can help combat sugar cravings and promote regularity, depending on individual needs.

The Power of Weight-Bearing Exercises

Incorporating weight-bearing exercises into her routine was another game-changer for Dr. Emi. Rather than solely focusing on aerobic exercises, she discovered the benefits of lifting weights. This shift not only helped her shed pounds but also contributed to her overall well-being. Driven by her passion for fitness, she retired from her hospital work and now starts her day at 4 AM, embracing the challenge and joy of weight-bearing exercises.

Dr. Emi Hosoda’s weight loss journey is a testament to the power of a holistic approach. By addressing underlying medical conditions, exploring the impact of sugar, and incorporating weight-bearing exercises, she transformed her body and mindset. If you find yourself on a similar path, don’t lose hope. Remember to advocate for yourself, seek out the root causes of your weight gain, and embrace a holistic approach to reclaim a healthier, happier you.

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