Kiana Docherty Weight Loss

Kiana Docherty Weight Loss

Food cravings and unhealthy eating habits can sabotage our weight loss goals. But what if there were simple yet powerful hacks that could make shedding those extra pounds easier than ever? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll share seven science-backed tricks that have helped me lose weight and can work for you too. So let’s dive in!

Kiana Docherty Weight Loss
Kiana Docherty Weight Loss

Hack #1: Environmental Awareness

Did you know that your environment plays a crucial role in your eating habits? The sight of food can trigger cravings and make us feel hungry, even if we’re not actually hungry. By rearranging your cupboards and keeping unhealthy foods out of sight, you can reduce food cravings. Be mindful of your environment and design it to support your weight loss goals.

Hack #2: Make Healthy Food More Convenient

Convenience is a major factor in our eating habits. Unhealthy foods are often the most convenient options available, while healthy foods require more effort to prepare. To overcome this challenge, make healthy food more convenient than unhealthy alternatives. Avoid bringing foods into your home that don’t support your goals. Plan ahead and prep healthy ingredients, so you’re ready to make good choices throughout the week.

Hack #3: Weigh and Track Your Food

It’s easy to underestimate the calories we consume. Research shows that most people eat 20 to 30% more calories than they think. To stay on track, weigh and track your food. This simple practice will give you a clear picture of your calorie intake and help you make informed decisions about what to eat.

Hack #4: Eat Regularly

Waiting too long between meals can lead to overeating. The hunger hormone ghrelin increases when we’re hungry, making us more likely to reach for high-calorie foods. To combat this, aim to eat every four to five hours. By staying on schedule, you’ll prevent extreme hunger and make better choices throughout the day.

Hack #5: No Distractions While Eating

Eating while distracted, such as watching TV or playing video games, can lead to overeating. When you’re not paying attention to your food, you miss cues of fullness and satisfaction. To fully enjoy your meals and avoid unnecessary snacking later, eliminate distractions and focus on your food.

Hack #6: Limit Variety on Your Plate

Having a wide variety of foods on your plate can make you eat more. Our interest and rating in different foods don’t decline as we eat, so introducing a novel food can trigger more hunger. Keeping your meals simple and limited to two or three foods can help you feel more satisfied with your meal.

Hack #7: Include Protein in Every Meal

Protein is a powerful ally in weight loss. It increases feelings of fullness, reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin, and helps maintain muscle mass during weight loss. Make sure to include protein in every meal, aiming for about 30% of your daily energy intake.

Remember, sustainable weight loss is about making small, consistent changes to your habits and environment. It’s not about relying solely on willpower. By implementing these seven hacks, you’ll set yourself up for success on your weight loss journey.

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