Keisha Gibson Weight Loss

Keisha Gibson Weight Loss

Hey there, it’s Ben Senger and I’m here to share an exciting update with you. Brace yourself for the latest drama unfolding between members of the Savannah City Council. This time, it’s a heated exchange between 6th district Alderman Kurtis and Alderwoman Gibson Carter.

Keisha Gibson Weight Loss
Keisha Gibson Weight Loss

A Fiery Encounter

Just a few weeks ago, a Savannah Police officer’s body cam caught it all. The tension escalated, and both parties had their fair share to say about the incident. Of course, we reached out to get their side of the story.

Kurtis, in a recent interview with Wsav, expressed his frustration, stating, “She called me a child predator and pedophile, to which I responded with a harsh term. It wasn’t meant to be racial. I’m just tired of her bullying behavior in every council meeting.”

Standing Up Against Bullying

On the other hand, Gibson Carter issued a written statement, shedding light on a previous incident. She shared, “A few months ago, during an open council meeting, Mr. Kurtis, in a rude manner, told me to shut up. I decided to let it slide, but I knew it would likely happen again. And here we are.”

It’s clear that tension has been brewing between these council members, with emotions running high in every encounter.

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