Jeff Garlin Opens Up About His Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight is a journey that is often filled with ups and downs. And for actor Jeff Garlin, it was no different. Garlin, known for his roles in popular shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Goldbergs,” recently opened up about his struggles and triumphs in an interview.

Jeff Garlin Weight Loss
Jeff Garlin Weight Loss

Battling Mental Health Issues

Garlin revealed that his weight loss journey was closely tied to his mental health. Last year, he discovered that he was bipolar and even contemplated suicide. Determined to get better, Garlin sought professional help and began therapy sessions. At one point, he was attending therapy seven times a week, trying different approaches to find what worked best for him.

The Road to Recovery

Garlin admitted that the journey to recovery was challenging, but he persisted. Along the way, he learned valuable lessons about self-care and prioritizing his well-being. He discovered the power of reaching out for help and the importance of having a support system. Garlin credits his wife and co-stars, including Larry David and Susie Essman, for being his pillars of strength during this challenging period.

The Role of Healthy Habits

In addition to therapy, Garlin also made changes to his lifestyle to support his weight loss efforts. He found that starting his day with a wholesome breakfast, like a bowl of oatmeal, gave him the energy and focus he needed. Implementing healthy habits like regular exercise and mindful eating also played a significant role in his recovery.

Embracing a Positive Mindset

Garlin’s journey to weight loss wasn’t easy, but he persisted, and it paid off. As he prepares to film the next season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” he feels grateful and excited for the future. He encourages others to reach out for support and not be afraid to ask for help when they need it. Garlin believes that a positive mindset and a strong support system are key ingredients to success.

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Remember, your mental and physical health should always be a priority. Don’t be afraid to seek help and take the necessary steps to lead a healthier and happier life. You’re not alone on this journey!

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