Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss | What Happened to IT Cosmetics?

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss 2022

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Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss

Jamie decided to start a weight loss journey. This time she never depended on artificial ways but switched to organic living. She decided to work hard to shed pounds and eat healthy meals.

Jamie Kern Lima weight loss was not easy. She was being body shamed online by the haters while her excessive weight made her feel lazy. She also has to give time to her IT Cosmetics.

So what did she do? Details are coming in the line ahead:

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How Did Jamie Kern Lima Lose Weight?

For weight loss, Jamie Lima Kern followed a strict diet plan, regular workout routine, and organic lifestyle. Here is the detail:


Her lazy body needed strength and energy. Therefore, to keep herself active, Jamie started to jog for half an hour around her home. It was not easy. However, this thing helped her to build stamina.

Slowly and steadily, she increased the pace of jogging and turned into a slow running.

Healthy Diet:

If you are doing a tough workout yet not eating healthy, nothing can help you lose weight, she wrote in her book. Therefore, from junk food eating, she transformed her meals entirely and added more greens to them.

Jamie, online, never talked about her diet plan. However, one can configure that Jamie Kern Lima weight loss was powered by a healthy diet. Jamie refused junk food and added salads and proteins to her meals so she can have more energy to give proper time to her business and work hard at the gym.

Regular Gym:

Yes, Jamie Kern Lima joined a gym for weight loss. There she followed proper workout routines with the help of her gym instructor.

Jamie wrote in her book that she had gained a lot of weight, so doing exercise was like pins and needles for her. So, she used to 4 days workouts at the gym.

This time, Jamie refused any artificial ways to lose weight but kept it all organic, regardless of how tough the journey was.


To improve the flexibility of her body, Jamie Kern Lima weight loss was also based on yoga. Jamie said, for exercise and workout and to feel less tired after the sessions, your body needs flexibility.

Yoga helps with flexibility. She did online research, hired yoga trainers, and took yoga sessions at the gym to improve the condition of her life.

It all went effective, and finally, Jamie Kern Lima weight loss struggle started bringing fruits.


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Jamie Kern Lima Before and After

Jamie, who had struggled with body weight since she was 14 and used all the unhealthy mechanisms to cope with the situation, was finally happy with her healthy lifestyle and natural weight loss.

Her fans went shocked after they saw the owner of IT cosmetics in a new avatar. She was slim, active, and happy.

Jamie said her weight loss struggles helped her overcome her emotional eating disorder. She says I feel more confident about myself now.

Jamie Kern Lima Before and After

Any News on Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss Surgery?

Many people were shocked to see Jamie Kern Lima weight loss. Some people even spread rumors that Jamie’s weight loss was not organic, but she underwent gastric surgery to burn excessive fat.

Jamie has always been so open about her health issues and skin problems. So, if the girl had undergone surgery, she might have revealed. However, no confirmation was made on this news.

Jamie, in many interviews and in her book, wrote that although her weight loss struggles were so challenging, she still managed to do it in a natural way.

However, using whatever ways Jamie Kern Lima lost weight, she now looks attractive and healthier than before.

Inspiring Story of an IT Cosmetic Owner

After her parents divorced, Jamie felt there was no one to protect and love her. 6-year-old Jamie started feeling insecure about herself, her personality, appearance, and specifically her weight.

Although she wasn’t overweight, her insecurities led her to use steroid injections, smoothies, and weight loss pills at a very young age.

She had a boyfriend at school who used to supply weight loss pills to Jamie with the help of her elder sister. It leads Jamie to several health issues, including a skin condition called rosacea.

And this is when her actual struggle about her appearance started. Stay tuned; there is still more to come on Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss Story.

Jamie Lynn Kern Struggles

It was more in her brain than in her body that she felt overweight and suffered from body dysmorphia.

How Did Jamie Kern Lima Lose Weight

Jamie Kern Lima Skin:

Jamie used to work in an industry where your face has to look perfect. Jamie’s skin was not so flawless.

Her then boss used to body shame her and ask her to put on sunscreens while going out so that she doesn’t get sunburn on her skin.

However, it was never burned, but a skin condition called rosacea.

Jamie Kern Lima Rosacea:

Jamie had a rare skin condition in which no makeup product could stay on her face, whether it was eyebrow pencil or mascara. Due to unawareness, nobody could understand and thought Jamie Kern had sunburn on her face.

One day, she was discussing the issue with her partner, who gave her the idea of opening a particular cosmetic agency where she could make makeup products for women suffering from rare conditions like her. Jamie loved the idea.

Jamie Kern Weight Gain:

She resigned from her job and started working for IT cosmetics, her very own company. Earlier, she was rejected by plenty of investors due to her idea that no one is going to buy her makeup products. However, after a lot of struggle, she was able to find an investor.

Nevertheless, as Jamie Kern was focusing on her business, she completely ignored her health and well-being during the earlier years of starting her company. Due to this, Jamie Kern’s weight gain happened, and from here, Jamie Kern Lima’s Weight Loss story started.

What Happened to IT Cosmetics?

Jamie’s business flourished by working hard from dawn to dusk and ignoring everything else. She had built an extensive empire of makeup products for ladies with rosacea.

Her cosmetics were being sold on all levels, and she was earning well, and now she had time to start her weight loss journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the questions you sent us about celebrity weight loss stories and Jamie Kern Lima weight loss:

Who is Jamie Kern husband?

Jamie Kern Lima has been married to Paulo Lima since 2007. Her partner offered her help and became her support system during the earlier days of her business and when she was struggling with depression due to her skin condition.

What happened to Jamie Kern Lima of IT Cosmetics?

Jamie had a tough life and unhealthy ways of looking beautiful. However, now she is 43 and realizes that artificial ways never help you in the long run.

She now knows to take better care of herself and her family. She stepped down as an IT cosmetics CEO in 2019.

Did Jamie Kern Lima have a baby?

Jamie Kern Lima has two children, but she first became a mother with the help of surrogacy. Jamie Kern Lima weight loss was a struggle, and there were some complications; she revealed everything in her book about her.

Is Jamie Kern Lima still married?

Yes. Jamie is still married to her husband Paulo Lima since 2007. She loves her family and her husband. She also revealed having a baby through surrogacy in her book.

What is Jamie Kern Lima skin condition?

She worked as a bartender and US journalist, anchorperson to IT cosmetics CEO, but suffered a lot because of a hereditary skin condition called rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

During this, red or brown patches appear on your skin, and no makeup product can help it, though. Due to this, Jamie decided to build her foundation and makeup stuff and became the first female entrepreneur and CEO.

How old is Jamie Kern?

Jamie Kern Lima was born on 16 July 1977, and currently, she is a 45-year-old billionaire entrepreneur.

Bottom Line

Here, Jamie Kern Lima weight loss story comes to an end. We learned about her struggles with appearance and hatred of people. However, the girl never gives up.

What do you think about the story of the IT Cosmetics CEO who suffered from rosacea? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this inspiring story with your loved ones.