Coffee Smoothie

Coffee Smoothie

Thick and creamy, with a coffee kick, this Coffee Smoothie will surely energize you. It’s packed with natural sweetness, hearty oats, and dark chocolate flavor. It’s also easy to make with only 7 simple ingredients and has no added sugars. Filling, healthy and so delicious!

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Coffee Smoothie served in a smoothie glass topped with cacao, oats and chocolate

Let’s all admit it. Caffeinated mornings are so much better. And coffee added in a smoothie makes morning even better.

This coffee smoothie recipe is an oldie but goldie from my recipe book. I’ve been making it for many years and it surprises me with its taste every time.

It’s creamy, silky smooth, and lightly sweet. Full of coffee and dark chocolate flavor. It’s so delicious and addictive. Cooling, refreshing, and energizing.

BONUS: The smoothie is ready in 5 minutes and is super healthy. It’s packed with heart-healthy oats and has no added sugars whatsoever. It’s a nutritious meal – coffee and breakfast in one. Perfect for busy coffee lovers.

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Ingredients used

For this coffee smoothie recipe you will need only 7 pantry ingredients:

Coffee Smoothie ingredients
  • Milk of choice. I used oat milk, but you can use any milk.
  • Banana. The riper the better for natural sweetness. And for an extra creamy texture, it’s best to use a frozen banana.
  • Coffee. I used cold-brewed but you can use whatever coffee you like and prefer. Just make sure it’s chilled.
  • Oats. They are packed with fibers and make the smoothie more filling, balanced, extra thick, and creamy. I used rolled oats here, but quick oats are also good here.
  • Cacao powder. I always use unprocessed raw cacao powder that is bitter, deep-flavored, and so incredibly healthy. Cacao powder is packed with powerful antioxidants that have been linked to many health benefits.

To give this coffee banana smoothie some extra flavor and more boost, I also tossed in:

  • Hemp seeds. They are an excellent source of heart-healthy Omega-3 and proteins. A great addition to smoothies, making them more nutritious.
  • Vanilla. For extra flavor and deliciousness.
Hand adding chocolate to coffee smoothie

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How to make Coffee Smoothie

Making this thick chocolaty coffee smoothie is quite easy. It will take you 5 minutes and all you need is a good blender.

  • Start with preparing and measuring all the ingredients. I like to use measuring cups.
  • Take the blender and add all ingredients. Note: add wet ingredients first for easier blending. Also, add in ice cubes, if using.
  • Mix everything at high speed until you get a smooth silky texture.
  • If the smoothie is too thick, add a little more liquid – milk or coffee. Blend again until everything is well combined.
  • Taste the smoothie and add additional sweetener if the smoothie is not sweet enough to your taste. (See “Recipe tips” section for sweetener recommendation)
  • Transfer the smoothie into a smoothie glass.
  • ADD TOPPINGS: I used chopped dark chocolate, oats, and cacao powder. Be creative here and add toppings you like.
  • Serve and enjoy!
  • Makes 1 serving that serves 1 person as a full meal, or 2 servings as a snack.
  • Coffee Smoothie served in a smoothie glass with a straw
  • Hand holding Coffee Smoothie served in a smoothie glass with a straw

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  • Substitute oat milk with any plant-based milk except coconut milk. Coconut milk won’t work well here. Cow’s milk is fine.
  • Substitute hemp seeds with ground flax seeds or chia seeds.
  • Use the whole banana if you’re not on a restricted-calorie diet.

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Coffee smoothie variations

  • Make it without banana: Substitute banana with ½ avocado or coconut cream. They make smoothie creamy.
  • Make it keto-friendly: Use ½ avocado or ¼ cup coconut cream instead of banana. Add in 1 teaspoon of MCD oil or coconut oil if desired.
  • Make it weight loss friendly: Use only ½ banana to cut down calories.
  • Make it protein-packed: Add a scoop of protein powder. This will transfer smoothie into a great protein-packed, post-workout coffee shake.
  • Make it gluten-free. Use certified gluten-free oats.
Coffee Smoothie served in a smoothie glass with a straw

Tips for storing

  • Store in a glass jar with a lid or shaker and keep refrigerated for up to one day.
  • Don’t forget to shake it or stir it before enjoying.
  • Remember, all smoothies oxidate when left standing. That’s not bad, but to reap all benefits from ingredients, it’s best to have this protein shake freshly made.

Recipe tips

  • To make this coffee breakfast smoothie more refreshing, use a frozen banana. Alternatively, you can use fresh banana and add ice cubes or use ice coffee cubes.
  • To make ice coffee cubes: Brew coffee. Place coffee in ice packs. Let it freeze.
  • When adding ingredients to a blender, always add the liquids first. Doing this will help your blender run easily and this will prevent making lumps.
  • Use a high-power blender to ensure everything blends well and the smoothie is silky smooth.
  • Additional sweetener recommendation:
    • I recommend using 1-2 dates, date syrup, raw honey or maple syrup, stevia, or any low-carb sweetener. This is totally based on your preference.
    • If you are using dates, make sure you soak them in warm water for at least 10 minutes. Drain them before using them.
  • Make sure you use ripe bananas. They have more sweetness.


Coffee Smoothie served in a smoothie glass with a straw

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This post is originally published in March 2017. It’s updated with new information, new photos and republished in June 2021. The recipe is changed slightly as I tested it more during the years.